Listen to me.
Your body is not a temple.
Temples can be destroyed and desecrated.
Your body is a forest -
thick canopies of maple trees and sweet scented wildflowers
sprouting in the underwood.
You will grow back,
over and over,
no matter how badly you are destroyed.
Beau Taplin

So strong and wise is the tree.
It digs its roots deep into the Earth, firmly planting itself.
Unafraid and ready for each gust of wind, each rage of storm.
Bending and swaying like the most beautiful dance.
Each time growing a stronger core. 

My wish for you is to be like a tree.
Trust in yourself to know how to dance,
knowing that as you dig your roots deep into yourself,
into your soul, you will not break.
You will grow stronger, stand taller.
But, don't settle to be just one tree.
Know that you are worth the entire forest with the deepest roots.